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Potentialife is a program developed for companies that seek to create and nurture a positive and healthy culture at scale.
The proposal is to build this new culture through the individual development of new habits and skills of positive leaders.

Present in more than 40 countries, Potentialife arrives in Brazil through a partnership with Reconnect | Happiness at Work.



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When representing Potentialife, we are directly responsible for the direct management of the program with the client through periodic meetings and occasional interactions, application of the contents that must be taught live, reports and other administrative activities related to the viability of the program.

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The program is based on five pillars proven by Positive Psychology and a change in habits for positive leadership and cultural transformation:

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Potentialife was founded in 2011 by Tal Ben-Shahar and Angus Ridgway . Tal is a renowned Harvard academic, a specialist in positive psychology and the best-selling author. Angus spent 20 years at McKinsey & Company as a global leader in Leadership Development.

To learn more about Potentialife, contact us:

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