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Happiness mindset for HR

Demystify the theme of corporate happiness, explain the concept and theory, present data and successful cases, what is this new normal, the strategic role of HR and practical tools for HR to work both self-knowledge and bring to your internal customers.



The aim of the workshop is to create more positive cultures with psychological security, and thus happy and productive.


Expository contents, tools, examples and exercises for learning to be experienced in everyday practice, going beyond the classroom.

Participatory approach, sharing experiences.



4h or 8h workshop 

For whom:

leaders, HR analysts and business partners.


Module 01

Taking care of HR's professionals

Challenges of the current world

Emotional challenges

Positive Psychology and Science of Happiness

PERMA model for a happier life

Module 02

What is happiness at work?

Who is responsible for the employees' happiness?

Strategic role of HR

Practices for Corporate Happiness

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