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Grupo Seflie

Potentialife is a program developed for companies that seek to create and nurture a positive and healthy culture at scale.
The proposal is to build this new culture through the individual development of new habits and skills of positive leaders.


Piloto realizado pela 4 Day Week Global e Boston College, em parceria exclusiva com a Reconnect Happiness at Work, de Renata Rivetti

Present in more than 40 countries, Potentialife arrives in Brazil through a partnership with Reconnect | Happiness at Work.



Potentialife was founded in 2011 by Tal Ben-Shahar and Angus Ridgway . Tal is a renowned Harvard academic, a specialist in positive psychology and the best-selling author. Angus spent 20 years at McKinsey & Company as a global leader in Leadership Development.

No Brasil, o piloto está sendo realizado pela Reconnect Happiness at Work em parceria com a 4 Day Week Global, Boston College, Henley Business School, Birkbeck University of London, FGV-EAESP e apoio da WeWork e Clementino e Teixeira Associados.

To learn more about Potentialife, contact us:

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