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International Certification

Chief Happiness Officer

Who is the CHO?

The Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) is the person responsible for corporate happiness. Its activities include: engaging the leadership, measuring the happiness scenario in the company through a series of surveys, planning and implementing new actions


International CHO certification:

CHO certification is an intensive three-day training, in which we teach the science of corporate happiness and its tools. We are exclusive partners of Happiness Business School in Brazil, we follow its methodology that is applied in countries like Portugal, Holland, Switzerland, Australia, Angola and Mozambique.


Certification is for you?

If you are an HR Director, Manager, CEO, Leader or simply someone who wants to positively transform the culture of your workplace, then this training is for you!

If you want to be a Consultant and build a career in which you provide services in the field of happiness, then this training is also for you!


What does the certification offer:

⟶ The latest theories of the science of happiness at work, providing an overview of the most relevant findings in this field of study and how they apply in the corporate environment.

⟶ Data on the competitive advantage of creating a positive culture that generates engagement and motivation.

⟶ Exclusive access to tools, ideas, strategies, methods and exercises to create these conditions.

⟶ Empower you in presenting and selling the idea of ​​happiness at work, whether within your own organization or to potential customers.

⟶ Networking space with professionals who are as passionate and committed as you are to creating happier workplaces.

⟶ International content followed strictly according to the Happiness Business School methodology, but adapted to Brazilian culture.

Certificate of completion

Reconnect and Happiness Business School

Talks with professionals

from the market

Participation in mentoring with all CHO's certified in Brazil

Access to didactic material, exercises, research and all the content presented.

Coffee breaks and happy hour closing


The content is structured based on the theory of the science of corporate happiness, foundations of positive psychology and exemplified with practical tools, for you to take and apply on a daily basis. The programmatic content of the certification includes the methodology, step by step, of how to plan and implement an organizational happiness plan in your company or client.


For us, the most important thing is that all graduates finish their certification with the certainty that they are able to work with corporate happiness in practice.

Teacher / facilitator:


Renata Rivetti

Reconnect Director | Happiness at Work, specialist in Corporate Happiness



Graduated in Business Administration from FGV-EAESP,

Positive Psychology graduate at PUC-RS,

Certification in Happiness Studies (CiHS) by the Happiness Studies Academy,

Certification in Happiness at work - University of California, Berkeley,

Emotional intelligence, neuroscience and mindfulness in Search inside yourself - Google.

She served as marketing manager at Telefonica | Vivo, with many years of experience in the corporate market.

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Some testimonials from certified CHO's:

“It was incredible to be able to connect with people with the same purpose and that, for sure, will be the pillar of a great journey of happiness through the tools and methodologies presented. Together we will go further and happier. ”

SP - Nov / 20

“For me it was extremely valuable to know more about how to apply a happiness plan in companies, the practical examples regarding the theory, possible objections / obstacles and success stories on going by the consultancy itself and the speakers. The exchange between the participants was also excellent, due to the openness you have given us! ”

SP - Nov / 20

"Congratulations on the clarity of all the information passed on and the exposure of a lot of data that will help us to bring the matter to customers, decision makers and employees."

Porto Alegre - Dec / 20

Next editions:

Learn more about CHO and check out Madalena Carey's special invitation,

founder of Happiness Business School.

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