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Complete Consulting:

Happiness plan

Happiness at work doesn't happen all of a sudden. An effective happiness project encompasses a long and focused journey, in which the company, leaders and team go together.


We believe that leaders are responsible for creating a culture where it is easy to be happy, but that happiness at work is everyone's responsibility. It is not just from the company, not just from colleagues, or from society. Mutual accountability is a key factor in the work we do.


The state of happiness we speak of is not generated only through policies, strategies, plans, values ​​or mission. It is generated by the simplest things that we and you do and practice here and now.

We lead the way to raise awareness, measure happiness, discuss actions and build the company's happiness plan.

What is our delivery?

  1. Diagnosis with the company's happiness index and insights.

2. The company's happiness plan.

3. Positive leadership mindset

4. Mindset RH for happiness

5. Communication plan

6. Training soft-skills teams

7. Mentoring

How do we act?

Quantitative and qualitative research.

Workshops with leaders and collaborators

Positive Leadership Training

HR Happiness Workshop

Monitoring and mentoring the implementation of the happiness plan.



The deadlines vary according to the company's size and combined briefing. On average the delivery of the main stages takes between 60 and 90 days.



From the moment the company commits to talking about and acting openly in the field of happiness, one must make a commitment to sustain it over time. How to sustain the happiness plan in your company is part of the scope and delivery of the consultancy process.



Better relationships, positive leadership, greater productivity and creativity, resilience and talent retention.

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