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Renata Rivetti

TEDx Speaker | Chief Happiness Officer  | Reconnect Director

Associating happiness with work still seems distant for many, as if happiness were not part of that area of our lives. In Brazil, we have almost all the worst indicators in the world for mental illnesses. We trivialize anxiety, stress and lack of psychological security, normalizing toxic and unhappy environments. However, with the expansion of the home-office and the increase in the hours worked in our life, there is a mixture of our professional and personal life and it becomes more difficult for us to be happy without happiness at work.


The truth is that we live in an unstable world, talking about this topic is not just an ideal, a plus, it is an essential need for any company. First, because it is the right thing to do. We cannot live in a world where more than 11 million depressed Brazilians are normal. Also, because in the end, healthy and happy cultures are more productive and generate innovation, among many other benefits.

I know that the journry I have chosen is shared by many people, leaders, entrepreneurs, great executives. They are engineers, managers like me, people in the financial market... They are people who do seek goals and results. But in a healthy and sustainable way. After all, why do it differently if it can be done in a more positive way?


Academic education:

  • Graduated in Administration from FGV-EAESP, she served as marketing manager for many years in multinationals


At some point I questioned: if I have everything, what is missing?


  • Searching a meaningful life, found out positive psychology and the science of happiness for years:

    • Post in Positive Psychology at PUC-RS

    • Studying Happiness Studies with Tal Ben-Shahar at Hapiness Studies Academy

    • Other International Certifications (Berkeley, Search Inside Yourself, Monterey)


Part of the faculty of the "Organizational Happiness MBA" - Happiness Business School and ISEC - Higher Institute of Education and Science in Lisbon - teaching "Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness"

​In October/2021 launched his first TEDX Talk. To watch, click here

  • Preto Ícone LinkedIn


Talk aims to demystify the theme in the company, presenting corporate happiness in a light and structured way, with data and facts. A Talk about corporate happiness, approaching the topic according to the current context and raising the importance of self-responsibility that each one of us must have to be happy. It's a good way to start talking about the topic in your company!

For the teams, Talk is a great first pill, which, through the science of happiness and the pillars of positive psychology, leads everyone to reflect on how, individually, each one plays an important role in their own happiness and in the happiness of others who are by your side on a daily basis. For leadership, Talk arouses interest in wanting to know more about the topic and how the company can take the next steps in building a more positive culture focused on people's happiness.

Basis: all content is based on Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, so that the themes always have cases and studies that prove and bring credibility to the content and tools. 



According to a survey carried out by the Gallup consultancy, leaders are responsible for 70% of the engagement of their teams. Which means that the leadership's ability to influence and generate high-performance teams is extremely significant and, when misused, can generate unmotivated and unproductive teams.


Creating safe and trustworthy environments increases team engagement and productivity, as well as creating a more positive and meaningful culture and tight-knit, connected teams.


Furthermore, we live in a challenging world and mental health indices present new challenges with the pandemic and new scenario of leadership. Therefore, we need to welcome these leaders with content and tools that help them to face the moment, taking care of themselves and also generating a positive culture in the team, in addition to facing conflicts between different areas.

Basis: all content is based on Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, so that the themes always have cases and studies that prove and bring credibility to the content and tools.






Emotional intelligence

mental health and wellness


Optimism and Positivity



What some collaborators who attended a Renata Rivetti's Talk say:

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