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International developed by Happiness Business School


Live, online classes.


Exhibition content, tools, examples and exercises for learning to be experienced in everyday practice.



The program aims to improve leadership and communication skills by engaging and teaching leaders on how they can promote a culture focused on corporate happiness.

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"We forgot an essential part of our role as leaders: creating safe environments, empathetic and deep relationships, being examples of professionals, but also of human beings, helping the team to find its maximum potential, to develop." - Renata Rivetti, facilitator of the positive leadership program.


Next class:

May 24th


4 weeks | 16 hours of workload


Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm

Live classes:

05/24, 05/26, 05/31, 06/02, 07/06, 06/09, 06/14, 06/16.


R $ 1,800.00

Thanks! We will contact you soon.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Payment methods: credit card up to 6x interest-free and in cash (5% discount)

We are a family owned and operated business.

Special discounts for groups and companies: c aso have a group of more than three people, please contact us and meet our special plans.

We are a family owned and operated business.

To learn about the in-company leadership program, contact us.

The program

It is high time for leaders to assume that their posture and attitudes influence and transform people's lives.

              Leaders represent 70% of team engagement

                       source: Gallup research consultancy

The positive leader knows that his role is to influence people in order to encourage the best of each team member, seeking to improve their strengths. The moment in the world calls for urgency in cooperation. It is a world of collab, in which we know our limiting condition of being alone and that we can grow with the other supporting us. And the leader moves from a level of distant and absolute hierarchy to a position of more equality and more collaboration. He teaches, he leads, but he also shows himself to be vulnerable and learns.

After all, alone what results can the leader achieve? Only with his engaged team will he obtain the expected results. And for that, a culture of positive leadership clearly engages and motivates.


This course allows you to strengthen your ability to lead positively, bring more happiness to your team's daily lives, awaken talents and help your teams find the daily meaning of their activities and projects. The positive leader encourages his team to grow and pursue their maximum potential.


Diagnosis, DISC profile. The first step is about you.


Team leadership from different perspectives, but always through the culture of corporate happiness.


Discover and learn how to use the most modern tools for self-knowledge and people management.

O programa


MODULE I:   Self-leadership

Hours: 4hs

Lessons 1 and 2

MODULE II:   Leadership team


Hours: 4hs

Lessons 3 and 4

MODULE III:   Influence and Communication

Hours: 4hs

Lessons 5 and 6

MODULE IV:   Negotiation and conflict management

Hours: 4hs

Lessons 7 and 8



Renata Rivetti - Foto de Flavio Tepermen
  • Preto Ícone LinkedIn

Renata Rivetti

Reconnect Director | Happiness at Work, specialist in Corporate Happiness



Graduated in Business Administration from FGV-EAESP,

Positive Psychology graduate at PUC-RS,

Certification in Happiness Studies (CiHS) by the Happiness Studies Academy,

Certification in Happiness at work - University of California, Berkeley,

Emotional intelligence, neuroscience and mindfulness in Search inside yourself - Google.

She served as marketing manager at Telefonica | Vivo, with many years of experience in the corporate market.


Live classes:

2 weekly classes of 2 hours live. Deepening the content of the module and discussions. If you are unable to attend the live class, you can watch the recording.

Participatory approach:

Sharing experiences throughout the training. Part of the learning takes place through interactions and discussions with your colleagues.

Teaching material:

Live class materials are available weekly, including references and tools. The content is available for you to read anytime you choose during the week.


For some classes, you may be asked to complete a test or test a tool beforehand. Throughout the program it is proposed that you already practice what you have learned and share it with others.

Para quem

For whom the program is:

Those who participate in the program are leaders from different backgrounds and sectors of activity. They include managers, directors, department heads and entrepreneurs, as well as self-employed people who manage projects and lead teams indirectly.

The program is for those who lead meetings, projects and people in the corporate context. The leadership you exercise can be formal or informal, face-to-face or remote, etc. Consultants and freelancers can consider their clients' teams and their projects.

If you want more details or information about in-company classes, contact us.

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