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Happiness at Work!

We are specialized in happiness at work. Our main objective is to create happier work environments, creating healthier and more meaningful cultures.

Our purpose: Create healthier and more meaningful corporate cultures, helping to transform people to positively influence the environment and society in which they operate.  


Happiness at Work

Associating happiness with work still seems distant for many of us, as if happiness were not part of that area of our lives. In Brazil, we have almost all the worst indicators in the world in mental illnesses, such as burnout, anxiety and depression. We trivialize anxiety, stress and lack of psychological security, normalizing toxic and unhappy environments. However, with the expansion of the home-office and the increase in the hours worked in our life, there is a mixture of our professional and personal life and it becomes more difficult for us to be happy without happiness at work.

According to the Harvard Business Review, unhappy employees have 18% less productivity, generate 16% less profit, increase accidents at work by 49%, and increase absenteeism by 37%. Investing in employee happiness is the right thing to do, but it is also what will generate long-term business sustainability. Happy employees generate positive results. And they generate more valuable brands in the market, both for consumers and professionals.

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Como trabalhamos

We are exclusive partners in Brazil for Happiness Business School - one of the leaders of the theme “Happiness at Work” in Europe, with operations in countries such as Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Angola, Mozambique and Australia.

Through the partnership we started to offer the international certification of “Chief Happiness Officer” (CHO), in addition to workshops and personalized consultancies to carry out diagnoses and then create a strategic plan for the implementation of the concept of Happiness at Work in companies.

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Potentialife's partner in Brazil, a Positive Leadership program in which leaders develop new habits and skills individually. Potentialife was founded in 2011 by Tal Ben-Shahar and Angus Ridgway. Tal Ben-Shahar is a renowned Harvard professor and a best-selling author. Angus Ridgway spent 20 years at McKinsey & Company as a global leader in Leadership Development.

The program brings together the decades of experience of these two masters in leadership and positive psychology and thus brings, in a scientific and practical way, changes in habits that result in a positive cultural transformation, in a scalable way for large companies.

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Our team


TEDx Speaker | Chief Happiness Officer  | Reconnect Director

  • Graduated in Administration from FGV-EAESP, she served as marketing manager for many years in  multinationals


   At some point I questioned: if I have everything, what is missing?


  • In search of a meaningful life he found psychology  Positive and Science of Happiness for Years:

    • Post in Positive Psychology at PUC-RS

    • Taking Happiness Studies with Tal Ben-Shahar at Hapiness  Studies Academy

    • Other International Certifications (Berkeley, Search Inside Yourself, Monterey)


He is part of the faculty of the "Organizational Happiness MBA" - Happiness Business School and ISEC - Higher Institute of Education and Science in Lisbon - teaching "Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness"

In October/2021  released its first TEDX Talk. To watch, click here .

Renata Rivetti

Who believes in us


I arrived at the first day of certification as a dreamer. After 3 days, I leave with the clarity necessary to become a rational enthusiast. What does that mean? What happiness is a decision, but very much based on science and data. Reconnect was able to teach 100% of what is necessary to embark on the theme of Corporate Happiness and, more, how to put it into practice to implement it in our work. "


Business Leader at iD / TBWA

Chief Hapiness Officer


“It was incredible, people were very grateful and loved it. Today, the director was mentoring a supervisor and talked about what we learned in the lecture. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for our paths to have crossed, thank you so much for sharing about Happiness. And I want to always be in touch with you. ”


People Development Manager at Alumni

Lecture held for all employees in Dec / 20


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“A great initiative by Tembici to bring these points to employees. Great lecture, with reflective activities. I would spend more time talking about the topic! ”

“Wonderful presentation by the speaker, showing total mastery over the subject that is extremely relevant.”

“I loved the theme and the super current and validated information brought by Renata! It is super important to bring this into everyday reflection! ”

Tembici employees

Lecture held in October / 20


The happiness of contributing

Contributing connects us, creates stronger communities and helps build a happier society for everyone. Doing for others is a way of reinforcing our own happiness and that of others around us. We support monthly projects that contribute to a fairer and happier society:

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Casa 1 is a welcoming space for young LGBT people who have been expelled from their homes for their affective-sexual orientations and gender identities, as well as a Social Clinic and a Cultural Center open and free for everyone.


Beaba (be-abá) demystifies cancer and informs in a clear, objective and optimistic way about the disease and treatment.

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